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Waterjet is a cutting process that has the flexibility to cut virtually any type of material in as simple or as complicated designs as possible. It leaves a high-quality edge on even the most irregularly shaped cuts. In this process, high pressure water mixes with an abrasive substance to create a sharp-cutting stream which has the capability to cut almost any thickness or surface. This is a cold cutting process that eliminates the warping complications caused by other thermal cutting alternatives. In fact, because the end product has such a smooth finish, it also reduces the need for any secondary finishing, which can lower cost. Waterjets cut: aluminum, hardened steels, marble and granite, ceramics, plastics, automotive carpets and linings, glass, and so on.

AKS Waterjet

The AKS Waterjet is a premium industry waterjet built to maximize the balance between quality and affordability. Our waterjet boasts the latest industry technology with a whopping 90,000psi, which increases productivity anywhere from 50-70% over the industry standard. This allows us to offer the highest quality and fastest results.