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In the rolling process, two or more rollers are distanced apart from one another and the metal/material is passed through. Depending on how thick the end product needs to be is what determines the distance the rollers need to be spaced. The material is then passed through high compression between the rollers to achieve the desired length and thickness. This is a commonly used process due to its low cost and high productivity nature. Rolling is often used to make products such as: rods, steel sheets and plates, cement kilns, rails, and other structural pieces.

Davi MCB E030 Plate Roll

The Davi MCB E30 Roller is one of the top machines of its class. It allows us to make more accurate adjustments than other metal rolling machinery, which makes it a more efficient and reliable option for your project. Like all of our other equipment, we do our part to make sure that you are getting the latest technology for all of your project needs.