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Forming is a fabrication process that changes the shape of metal material to the desired geometry without changing the volume or the mass. This process helps reduce any raw material waste while still producing durable products that can be used for structural parts and components across a variety of industries. Some applications where forming is used include: seamless pipes, turbine rings, military products, automotive structural parts, agricultural tools and hardware products.

The Bystronic Xpert Press Brakes are among the top of the line products. Not only does each contain the most comprehensive database out there to fulfill your project’s needs, they are also equipped with the technology that gives it the ability to achieve the highest repetition accuracy out on the market. With our machines, you get top quality bends every time.

The Accurpress Press Brake is designed to bring the most productivity in the most time and energy efficient manner. The foundation of their structure is built on accuracy and precision and durability while still maintaining quality results. That is why this is yet another tool we can provide to help make sure you are getting the quality results you deserve.

Bystronic Xpert 200/4100 Press Brake

Bystronic Xpert 80/4100 Press Brake

Accurpress Press Brake