Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting is a process that utilizes focused laser technology to cut material in a precise and accurate way. It is used across a wide spectrum of materials which makes it an extremely versatile method of metal cutting. Because of its versatility, it can be used across many different industries including: aerospace technologies, musical instruments, medical equipment, automotive parts, and manufacturing equipment–just to name a few. The real beauty of laser cutting allows it to create consistent, clean and precise edges. Other methods of metal work have tendencies to leave behind a warping effect on the edges of the metal. Laser cutting helps avoid this issue so less material is needed than other methods of metalwork. This feature of laser cutting also makes it especially advantageous for projects which require complex designs to be made.

6000 Watt Bystronic By Sprint Fiber Laser System 6' x 12'

Fiber laser technology has become a much more cost effective method of laser cutting, and has the capability of cutting thicker materials with consistent quality without losing precision. This laser cutter has automatic load and unload capabilities which help lessen the amount of time needed to get your project finished quickly and efficiently.

4000 Watt Cincinnati CL-440 CO2 Laser System 5' x 10'

The Cincinnati CO2 laser system is a high accuracy and precision machine. Its auto capabilities allow the loading and unloading of material to happen simultaneously as the machine is also cutting. This not only cuts back on the time required for your project, it cuts back on the expense.