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Paragon Metal Fabricators is your go-to shop in the Midwest, specializing in sheet metal and structural fabrication for a variety of industries. Family owned and operated, we bring over 30 years of experience to the table. Our 42,000 square foot facility houses some of the industry’s best fabrication machinery allowing us to bring you quality results in the most efficient amount of time. We service a broad spectrum of materials ranging from light gauge to heavy plate, and have the capabilities needed for high production runs. We make it our mission to provide you with the best experience from start to finish. From our competitive price quotes on one-piece and two-piece orders, to timely delivery, we make sure the job gets done the right way.

Midwest Metal Fabricators

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal Fabrication involves a variety of processes to cut, bend, or assemble raw metal material in order to create a product or structure. By doing so, it allows us to manipulate and transform metal into durable structures and pieces rather than having to use a lesser quality option like plastic. From projects as simple as decorative metal designs, to more complicated projects like those in the aerospace, automotive, and construction industries, metal fabrication surrounds us every day. Paragon has become the preferred provider of custom laser cutting, water jet and metal fabrication services in the tri-state area. Let us help you get your next project done the right way! 

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is used for a variety of applications in which a tiny–yet powerful–beam of light cuts the material with extreme precision.
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Tube Laser Cutting

Tube lasers allow not only the cutting of length of the material, they also allow the cutting of holes and other designs within the same process.
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Our 42,000 square foot facility allows us to maximize production while delivering you quality products. We also have: quality control room, inventory assessment, as well as assembly and finishing capabilities.
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Our forming capabilities allow us to change the shape of metal to create whatever the desired shape may be.
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In this process, rollers are used to shape the material to the necessary thickness of the final product.
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This capability allows us to cut irregular shapes of almost any material regardless of thickness with extreme precision and immaculate edge quality.
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Welding is used to join two products together using heat. We offer both MIG and TIG welding.
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Additional Capabilities

We continuously update our methods and machinery to make sure we are bringing you the best quality to any project you need.
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We work with a variety of industries

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Why Choose Us?

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Established in 1989 by brothers Joe, Stan & Mark Muehlenkamp, Paragon Metal Fabricators was formed after years of planning. Market research showed an overwhelming need for quality metal fabrication in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Bringing over 100 years of combined experience, they combined their skills and knowledge in engineering, sales and fabrication to start a business with a focus on quality that still drives the business today.


We pride ourselves in the capabilities we have to offer our customers in order to help complete projects across many different industries. We are constantly growing and updating as a company to ensure you have the best equipment and services available to perfect any job you send our way.


Paragon Metal Fabricators was created with the customer’s satisfaction first. Our mission is to deliver you quality products in a time efficient manner. We will work with you from the time of submitting your quote up all the way through delivering your product. Rest assured knowing that you will be taken care of throughout the entirety of your project. We are here to serve YOU!

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